Telehealth is a consultation conducted between a psychiatrist or psychologist and a patient using a video conferencing platform over the internet. It is a fairly easy process where all you need is a reasonably fast internet connection, your mobile phone, tablet or computer and a referral letter from your GP to start the process.

Once you contact us, you will be send an intake form to complete registration following which you will be given an appointment date and time. We strongly recommend that you then go on to our website and click on the Booked Consult button on the front page and make sure your system is compatible.

Follow the instructions which includes completing your name, phone number and tick the privacy consent. Once you are in it for more than a minute, we get a reminder informing us that you have dialled in. If we are running late, we will message you through the same platform.

We strongly recommend that you test this feature earlier to ensure it is working smoothly by clicking on the test button below. We prefer that you use

  • Safari or Chrome. We find Safari much more stable.
  • We prefer you use a laptop or desktop or Ipad rather than a smart phone. We find that we are unable to use all the necessary features whilst using a smart phone.
  • Test your headphone and audio settings.

Telehealth is particularly helpful for those living in rural and remote areas and in certain situations where face to face consultations are not possible. It allows people to be more flexible and cost effective.


You will require to meet certain eligibility criteria for medicare rebate. Unfortunately those who live in a metropolitan area do not qualify for any rebate ( This has changed recently with the new MBS item due to the COVID 19 situation). Call us for more information.

Criteria to see a psychiatrist are as follows :

  • Lives in a Telehealth eligible areas. Click on the logo  to check whether you are eligible for no out of pocket cost Check Eligibility criteria for Telehealth
  • Make sure you follow the steps below carefully
  • For appointment with Psychiatrist, tick Australian Statistical Geographic Classification Remoteness areas (2006). Then add your address below. Note ASGC-RA Code. If it says 2,3,4 or 5 then your consultation will be bulk billed provided you live at least 15km by road from Highton.
  • For appointment with Psychologist tick Modified Monash Model and select 2019. Then add your address. Note MMM code. If it says MMM4 and above then you are eligible for medicare rebate. Please note there may be a small gap fee per session. You may be eligible for up to 10 sessions under FPS criteria.
  • If in doubt call us on 0390147751 or email us on

Those living in residential aged care facilities or receiving Aboriginal medical services anywhere in Australia are automatically eligible without meeting any of the above criteria and hence there is no out of pocket.

We are currently bulk billing all consultations irrespective of where you live.

We use a secure video service through Coviu for all our telehealth appointments. You will receive an email with a link that you click on at the time of your appointment, and this will let you enter a virtual waiting room where your appointment will begin. The session is not recorded unless you consent to it during the appointment. You can read the privacy policy of Coviu here. When you register with us, you will sign a separate consent and information form online. We understand that for some people this whole process is confusing and anxiety provoking. We are more than happy to help you in that situations. Give us a ring on 0390147751

Unfortunately, the settings of telehealth is such that we are unable to provide crisis management service for those that require immediate attention – who are high risk to self or others. We have attached important links to some of the emergency services in Australia. Barwon health is the local health service for those based in Geelong and surroundings.

Currently all our assessments and treatment consultations are bulk billed. We are taking a substantial cut to our usual consultations, but we understand the unprecedented impact of COVID 19 and would like to do our part.

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