Memory Disorders

Old age psychiatry is a subspecialty focusing on the mental health of older persons. It overlaps with other medical specialities such as neurology and geriatric medicine.

Psychiatric conditions in the elderly can be complex in their presentation and are often associated with physical illness, side effects from medication, or stressful life events.

The most common concern for those who are growing elderly, or those who care for them, is cognitive decline associated with the various types of dementia.

Memory disorders are often associated with not only memory loss but also symptoms of mental illness, change in personality, and behavioural difficulties that increase in frequency and severity as the dementia progresses.

The general management of dementia includes the understanding of not only complex medical problems, with interplay of physical and emotional wellbeing, but also complex social, ethical, and legal issues.

Psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, depression and psychotic disorders can also occur for the first time in older persons. The causes of the disorders may be different to those in younger adults as may their treatments.

If you are concerned about memory loss, cognitive decline or other mental health problems for yourself or someone you care about, you can contact us to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your options.