Should I see a Psychiatrist or Psychologist?

Psychiatrists undergo medical training and become medical doctors, following which they specialise in the field of Psychiatry. They can also prescribe medications. RANZCP website provides more detailed information here.We strongly recommend that you talk to your GP first who can help with that decision. If you are still unsure, you are welcome to talk to us.

What is the next process?


Obtain a referral from your General practitioner (GP) and ask them to send it to us or you can upload it through our website.


Once we get the referral, it goes through an allocation process. Due to the amount of referral, we have not been able to keep up with the demand and hence there is a 3-week delay before referrals are allocated. If there is a delay beyond that then please contact our admin staff.


We will send you an email to complete our mandatory intake form following which your appointment will be confirmed.

please call 000 or life line on 131114 or Suicide call back service on 1300659467 or local mental health service.

If You Are In Crisis Or Feel Suicidal

If in doubt

Call us on 0390147751 or Email us on admin@reflecthealth.com.au

Accepting Referrals

You can refer to us via

  1. Fax to 0386790304
  2. Email to admin@reflecthealth.com.au
  3. Argus – reflecthealth@argus.net.au
  4. Referral net
  5. The contact form on our website

What is your current wait time for appointments?

Our usual wait times are 2-3 weeks, however with the significant demand at the moment, our average wait time for psychiatry appointments is 4-6 weeks and 1-2 weeks with our psychologists.

What is the cost of seeing your clinicians?

Psychiatrists – If they live in a telehealth eligible area, then their initial assessment with a psychiatrist will be bulk billed. We will also bulk bill a 291 assessment, if they are eligible for it. Subsequent appointments incur an out of pocket fee of up to a maximum of $150. Concession applies to those who have a health care card.
Nurse practitioners – Some patients will start of by having an intake assessment with our nurse practitioners and will incur a $50 out of pocket.
Psychologists and Occupational therapist– With a GP referral and mental health care plan patients may be entitled to medicare rebate, leaving them with a $25- $100 out of pocket cost depending on the type of clinican, mode of consultation (e.g. video consultation, face to face).

Does your Psychiatrists and Nurse practitioner write prescriptions?

We do not routinely write scripts, instead recommend in our management plan for GPs to do so. But in certain situations, we will provide them but there is a separate administration fee of $20-$30.